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Mexico’s nation-wide protest against presidential elections

The presidential elections in Mexico had lots of dubious activities mostly from the Revolutionary Party (PRI) and everyone went on the streets to [...]

Sexual Diversity Parade in Guadalajara

The LGBT parade/protest took place in Guadalajara and I didn’t miss the opportunity to get my camera and snap some pictures. For the [...]

#YoSoy132 protest and Mexico’s 2nd presidential debate events

Last weekend was Mexico’s 2nd presidential debate in Guadalajara. Lucky for me, I’m now living in this city so I had the opportunity [...]

Protest against the media #YoSoy132 in Guadalajara

I haven’t been up to date to what is being published about Mexico in the rest of the world, but at least all [...]

Occupy San Francisco images

Last week I went to San Francisco to do some business, and having some extra days I decided to get outside and take [...]