FISOL 2009 was great

FISOL 2009 was great

I started the month of october at the FISOL 2009, in Tapachula Chiapas. I got invited to give several talks about free software and I have to say it was a great event. First of all, the place was crowded with more than 1,300 attendees. That’s the largest... CONSOL 2009


I participated at CONSOL 2009 and had the opportunity to give 4 talks this time and meet with “the software libre community”. The talks were great, with very interesting subjects, and there seems to be a lot of interest in virtualization this time. Rolman...

LibrePlanet 2009 at Boston

I had the opportunity to attend to LibrePlanet 2009, the annual Free Software Foundation members meeting that was held in Boston. It was a great experience and I was very happy to meet lots of FSF members, something I don’t get to see very often here in Mexico.... Sarah Brightman Symphony tour concert

Sarah Brightman Symphony tour concert

I just arrived from being at the Arena Monterrey, where Sarah Brightman gave her Symphony tour concert. I was very excited for weeks that I’ll finally see one of my favorite opera singers. Bought the tickets with months of anticipation. The day I the tickets...

DRM chat at Unitec: video and slides

A few weeks ago I posted about me giving a talk at Unitec Monterrey about DRM and mexican copyright law titled: “DRM: ¿derechos o restricciones?”. Basically is an introduction to what DRM and copyright is, according to mexican law. I have finally...