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Sarah Brightman Symphony tour concert

I just arrived from being at the Arena Monterrey, where Sarah Brightman gave her Symphony tour concert. I was very excited for weeks [...]

DRM chat at Unitec: video and slides

A few weeks ago I posted about me giving a talk at Unitec Monterrey about DRM and mexican copyright law titled: “DRM: ¿derechos [...]

Apple’s WWDC Keynote effect

It is incredible the effect that Steve Job’s announcements have on the internets tubez. The keynote is starting and there’s a lot of [...]

on my way to CONSOL

Finally I’m on my way to CONSOL. I missed the first day, but I hope I didn’t miss much. I’m a bit nervous [...]

Me voy al Consol 2008

Estoy muy emocionado porque han aceptado mi platica en el CONSOL. * Usando Git: control de versiones distribuido o Gabriel Saldaña Torres Sesión [...]

EnLi 2007: 27% mas caguama

Por fin me he dado un tiempecito para hacer mi post del EnLi. El evento estuvo excelente! Muchas platicas muy interesantes, y mas [...]

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