Great time attending Google IO 2011

Great time attending Google IO 2011

This year I got to finally attend the Google I/O event. I was lucky to easily get my entrance ticket the day they opened for registration. That day the tickets sold out in 59 minutes! (or so they say) The place was packed! There were about 5,000 attendees! I even got... Going to Google I/O 2011

Going to Google I/O 2011

I’m going to be at Google I/O 2011 in San Francisco. I’m exited! Its the first time I’ll attend a Google event. On previous events Google has given away gadgets that are yet to be released to in the market. So I hope they don’t break tradition... My top 5 favorite Free Software programs

My top 5 favorite Free Software programs

Happy Software Freedom day! In celebration of it, I’ll list the top 5 free software programs I use. – GNU Emacs Very powerful text editor. I do most of my tasks in it, specially using and developing Identica-mode. I recommend it a lot for other tasks other...

First day at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

DrupalCon San Francisco has been great. Yes, its been only one day but I love the atmosphere. There are several tracks going on at the same time during the day, so its impossible to see every talk. I hope that they publish videos of the ones I couldn’t attend....

Going to DrupalCon 2010

So thanks to Justia, I’ve spent the last week at Mountain View, or what is known as the Silicon Valley area. Next week I’ll be attending the Drupal Conference, Drupalcon 2010, in San Francisco, California. Its been great working and hanging out in this...