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My top 5 favorite Free Software programs

Happy Software Freedom day! In celebration of it, I’ll list the top 5 free software programs I use. – GNU Emacs Very powerful [...]

First day at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

DrupalCon San Francisco has been great. Yes, its been only one day but I love the atmosphere. There are several tracks going on [...]

Going to DrupalCon 2010

So thanks to Justia, I’ve spent the last week at Mountain View, or what is known as the Silicon Valley area. Next week [...]

FISOL 2009 was great

I started the month of october at the FISOL 2009, in Tapachula Chiapas. I got invited to give several talks about free software [...]


I participated at CONSOL 2009 and had the opportunity to give 4 talks this time and meet with "the software libre community". The [...]

LibrePlanet 2009 at Boston

I had the opportunity to attend to LibrePlanet 2009, the annual Free Software Foundation members meeting that was held in Boston. It was [...]

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