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Emacs identica-mode with replies highlighting

Identica-mode for Emacs has been updated with just one little but nice to have feature: replies highlighting. I usually watch my identica buffer [...]

Fixed error on xml parse in identica-mode

Thanks to a contribution from Christian Cheng to denting-mode, another fork of twittering-mode for laconica installations by Carlos A. Perilla, the long standing [...]

Identica-mode v0.3 released

Identica-mode v.0.3 now has support for tags and groups. I’ve also added some fixes to the mode map sent by Alex Schröder. As [...]

Identica-mode fixes

Thanks to Jason McBrayer the identica-mode for Emacs now works without problems. The changes on this version are: Fixed the “cannot parse” error [...]

Emacs weblogger mode with WordPress tags support

I’ve been looking for ways to blog from Emacs and so far my best solution has been to use weblogger.el. This mode supports [...]

Make Emacs yasnippet work with html-helper-mode

Yasnippet is a great emacs minor mode that lets you have lots of code snippets easily at hand. Also you can create your [...]

Identica mode for Emacs update: support for any Laconica server

I’ve updated identica-mode for Emacs and now has a way to connect to any laconica server, instead of just To configure add [...]

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