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Good bye Shyam Karanat

This weekend I recieved the sad news that Shyam Karanat passed away. Although we never met in person, he was a good friend. [...]

The Social Network Movie

I just saw The Social Network movie. From a geeky perspective, its a very interesting movie. But I don’t know if it will [...]

Emacs Identica-mode microblogging client v1.0 release

I’m very happy to announce the release 1.0 of the Emacs identica-mode microblogging client. Its been a while since the last release, and [...]

3 methods on how to backup your Emacs file

The emacs personalization file (dotemacs) is a very important resource for every Emacs user. Typically found at ~/.emacs, this file contains elisp code [...]

Mac OS X from a GNU/Linux User

The Mac OS X slogan I’ve heard from several mac fanboys is “it just works”. Well, being a GNU/Linux user for quite some [...]

Emacs identica-mode with edit buffer, context and favorites

I’ve added new features to identica-mode, the Emacs mode to interact with any Statusnet, an free open microblogging platform previously known as [...]

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