Emacs Identica-mode release v1.1

Since the last official release, there’s been a lot of work on the Identica-mode for Emacs. Its been a while since the last release and probably most users have been using the development version directly from the Git repository. Even though I try to make the... Emacs Identica-mode notifications

Emacs Identica-mode notifications

There’s a feature on Emacs identica-mode that I haven’t documented or written about before and its been there for quite some time. Its very nice to have notifications when you get new updates on your timeline. I’ve seen it on other clients like... Good bye Shyam Karanat

Good bye Shyam Karanat

This weekend I recieved the sad news that Shyam Karanat passed away. Although we never met in person, he was a good friend. We mostly talked about Emacs Identica-mode, where he made several contributions. Actually, his patches to use url.el were key to releasing the...

The Social Network Movie

I just saw The Social Network movie. From a geeky perspective, its a very interesting movie. But I don’t know if it will be entertaining enough for the general public. Also I say this with the perspective of having read the book, and as most movies based on... Emacs Identica-mode microblogging client v1.0 release

Emacs Identica-mode microblogging client v1.0 release

I’m very happy to announce the release 1.0 of the Emacs identica-mode microblogging client. Its been a while since the last release, and its been for a good reason! The main improvements are: – HTTP backend rewrite The backend that makes the HTTP...