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Make Emacs yasnippet work with html-helper-mode

Yasnippet is a great emacs minor mode that lets you have lots of code snippets easily at hand. Also you can create your [...]

My 5 reasons to leave Ruby on Rails

I’m stopping all my ruby on rails development. Its been a while since my last rails line was written and I will not [...]

How to install latest Git on Ubuntu

Git is a distributed version control system. I won’t go into much details of what Git is or why use Git instead of [...]

Animate your webpage fast and easy with Facebook Animation Library

Today Facebook released an animation javascript library that modifies CSS properties on the fly. You can download it and use it on your [...]

PHP 5 OOP implementation quirks

PHP 5 is supposed to be fully object oriented. Yes, it has classes and inheritance and all those things an OOP language is [...]

Como arreglar valores NULL en Ruby on Rails con Sqlite3

Para quienes desarrollan en Ruby on Rails con Sqlite3 como base de datos local, no se si les haya pasado pero un dia [...]

Nuevas adquisiciones para leer

Hoy tuve la oportunidad de ir a Barnes & Noble para ampliar mi biblioteca personal. Me compre este libro CSS Mastery, Advanced Web [...]

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