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Tapalpa trip to the Big Stones

Around Guadalajara city there are a lot of interesting beautiful places to visit. Some locals say that the best part of living in [...]

Intermoda 2013 fashion runway day 2

I want to share some more photos taken on the second day of the Intermoda 2013 fashion event. There were a few lessons [...]

Intermoda 2013 casual fashion runway day one

So I attended the Intermoda 2013 Fashion show at the Expo Guadalajara last week, and here are some shots I took from the [...]

Fashion runway photography tips

Taking pictures at a fashion runway is challenging: light changes, models swift by very fast in front of you, and if you don’t [...]
Rainy day in downtown Tampico

Tampico downtown photowalk in the rain

Started the year with a nice calm photo walk on a rainy day at my hometown, Tampico, Mexico. My friend Luis Perez picked [...]

Snapseed for Android vs Instagram

After Google bought Nik Software, makers of the then iOS-only app Snapseed, today they have released it for Android and for free! Snapseed [...]

Some photos of Puerto Vallarta

I did a photo walk in downtown Puerto Vallarta on my last day at the Festival de Software Libre. Before having lunch, my [...]

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