Debian and the girlfriend

Debian and the girlfriend

We got a new computer for the girlfriend some months ago. Since her old laptop was running Debian Lenny and she loved it, but the software packages were quite outdated, I decided to install Kubuntu 10.10 on her new laptop. Assuming that it would be easier to use with...

Long day

Its been a long day but it has finally come to and end. It all started with a lot of javascript hacking for It was getting tough but I finally beat it. But the javascript adventure wasn’t over yet. Duke Crawford came to visit for a couple of... Ubuntu Gutsy CDs

Ubuntu Gutsy CDs

Ubuntu Gutsy CDs Originally uploaded by gabrielsaldana Aahh por fin llegaron los discos de Ubuntu para el GSLIEST. Despues de varios intentos fallidos de supuestos envios que nunca llegaron, por fin llego mi pedido. La banda del GSLIEST los va a disfrutar. Gracias...