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Debian and the girlfriend

Ada with the laptop

We got a new computer for the girlfriend some months ago. Since her old laptop was running Debian Lenny and she loved it, but the software packages were quite outdated, I decided to install Kubuntu 10.10 on her new laptop. Assuming that it would be easier to use with all of Canonical’s and community customizations, handle and detect new hardware drivers better and will have more updated software.

Turns out that she barely used her new laptop, complaining a lot about it. First, she had to get used to the new KDE 4 environment, when she got so used to KDE 3.5 on Debian Lenny, but change is something we all have to face. But the real problems were that hardware was not working properly, the touchpad had no scrolling and since its a single button pad with virtual buttons, the right button click didn’t work. Also, the Dolphin file manager would sometimes not refresh the files on the folders, so she couldn’t see some files that were recently saved. When trying to shutdown it would freeze up or the KDE shutdown menu window would not draw any options. When finally shutting down, it sometimes hanged at the end of the process, thus not turning off the computer.

After about a month of complaints and frustrations, she demanded me to install Debian back. I explained to her my initial decision to go with Kubuntu and that a new version 11.04 was coming out in a few days and that might fix her problems. But her argument was strong: “I need stability, and I don’t like to be on the bleeding edge since I’m not technical, I can’t troubleshoot the issues. Its fine for me to stay with the same stack of software for two years until the next Debian stable release.”

Ada, ballet & GNU

So I went ahead and installed Debian Squeeze on her laptop, expecting a lot of time spent in forums to get her new hardware working, configuring files, compiling drivers, etc. To my great surprise, everything worked out of the box, with very minimum custom configurations. She immediately started installing all her favorite software and was very happy with her new system’s stability and fast responsiveness. Software was (to the time of this writing) decently recent, and very stable so now she has completely ditched her old computer, feeling perfectly comfortable. Although she still misses KDE 3.5, she’s getting used to KDE 4 and customizing it her way.

Oh, and she made it all pink.

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Long day

Its been a long day but it has finally come to and end. It all started with a lot of javascript hacking for It was getting tough but I finally beat it.

But the javascript adventure wasn’t over yet. Duke Crawford came to visit for a couple of days, so we started hacking on the twexter interface. Nice to say we managed to rewrite the whole interface to take a simpler approach. Its a pity we can’t continue with the interface we had before, thanx to some browser bugs, but since we need some more things going, we cant hold out for perfectionism. This way, we’ll soon be happy to announce a version 0.4

I’ve been using twitter lately and still don’t find its awesomeness. Although its entertaining to post my twitts every now and then. Feels reflexive and relaxing some how.

FLISOL is only a week away and I hope I can make it there. Also, Ubuntu Hardy is coming out soon.

A lot is going on and I’m about to go to sleep. Yes, a long day indeed, but a nice day after all.

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Ubuntu Gutsy CDs

Ubuntu Gutsy CDs

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Aahh por fin llegaron los discos de Ubuntu para el GSLIEST.

Despues de varios intentos fallidos de supuestos envios que nunca llegaron, por fin llego mi pedido.

La banda del GSLIEST los va a disfrutar. Gracias Canonical!