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Restore Samsung Galaxy S to Original ROM from Telcel Mexico

Two weeks ago, I messed up my Galaxy S phone. I was having trouble with the back key activating by itself without touching [...]

Quick search and replace recursively in multiple files

Lately I’ve been working with a lot of static HTML files with lots of repeating text structures. In the past I’ve talked about [...]

How to install latest Git on Ubuntu

Git is a distributed version control system. I won’t go into much details of what Git is or why use Git instead of [...]

Animate your webpage fast and easy with Facebook Animation Library

Today Facebook released an animation javascript library that modifies CSS properties on the fly. You can download it and use it on your [...]

Como enviar videos al Xbox360 desde Linux

Por fin encontre la forma de enviar videos a mi Xbox360 sin tener que usar Windows. Muy sencillo, solo instala ushare Vas a [...]

Como sincronizar archivos entre computadoras

Tengo una PC en mi casa y una laptop que me acompaña a todos lados. Muchas veces trabajo mas en mi laptop que [...]

Como publicar en tu blog desde Emacs

Weblogger es el modo de Emacs para hacer posts en tu blog. Los blogs soportados son: Blogger, MetaWeblog, Moveable Type (WordPress) y LiveJournal. [...]

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